Pilates and Fitness Team



Megan is the founding owner of GPR Clinical Pilates. Her vision is to Repair, Restore and Renew people’s body, mind and spirit.

Megan has been teaching Pilates full-time since 2013 and has achieved an impressive 5000+ client-hours. Her more notable qualifications include a Breathe Diploma of Clinical Pilates, a Breathe Certificate in Pilates, a Certificate IV in Pilates, a Certificate IV in Fitness, a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance & she is a fully qualified EMMETT Therapist (Completing Module 1 2 3 4 5 6 ECC6 EP1 EP2).

Megan’s quest to provide the very best service to her community has seen her achieve her qualifications from the highly reputable teaching academy, Breathe, in Melbourne.

Megan’s group classes are ever-changing, ever challenging and will move every part of you in every possible way.  She has practiced Pilates for over 6yrs and has worked in several reputable Pilates studios in and around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane focusing on rehabilitation and enjoys the scientific evidence based approach to Pilates.

Megan also holds an Advanced Diploma in Primary School teaching with 7yrs experience.  Her passion is her family, Pilates, fitness, cooking, movies, dining out and the health and well being for all.  







Sally’s infectious warmth, sunny smile and incredible attention to detail make her a natural-born instructor. She holds a Breathe Certificate IV in Pilates, a Certificate IV in Fitness and she has started her journey to become a qualified EMMETT Therapist (Completing module 1,2,3,so far).  Sally also has ambition to go on to complete a Breathe Diploma of Clinical Pilates in 2017.

Sally has been involved in competitive dance and music since an early age.  Through this experience Sally has gained a keen appreciation of how instructors can best support and guide clients to make powerful changes to reach, and even exceed, their goals. Sally loves a challenge and loves challenging her clients. She knows appropriate challenge is essential for achieving change.

Sally is a big fan of the great outdoors and for her, nothing beats swimming in the ocean and enjoying water sports.

When she’s not teaching Pilates, Sally loves spending time with her friends, going to the races, relaxing with her favourite music and enjoys a glass of champagne. Sally also is a keen jazz musician.

She is passionate about Pilates & fitness and sharing the rewards of a regular practice.


Minky is GPR’s official Wellness Cat. Minky is 13 years young. She has a Clinical Diploma in  Human Healing and a Certificate IV in Human Stress Management. Minky has over 2000 hours in the Health and Well Being Industry. Minky is affectionate and enjoys meeting and greeting GPR’s guests.

Exercising on the reformers is her favourite pastime. She has to be careful not to get her paws stuck in the springs. Her favourite part of the day is getting pats from all the guests. The guests say they are at GPR for exercise, but Minky knows they are really there to see her.







Fifi is a 12 year old purebred toy Poodle. She has a bright and cheery nature. Fifi loves to sleep in her basket, sun herself on the veranda and most importantly, she adores to be cuddled and held like a baby.

Fifi has a Bachelor degree in Human Behaviour and Healing.  She is in the top 10% of Healing dogs in the world and has over 3000 hours of experience in the Health and Well Being Industry. She prides herself on knowing the sound of everyone’s cars as they drive slowly down the driveway. Each GPR guest is greeted with their own special warm welcome wag of her tail and conversation. Poodle crawling is her specialty.

Sadly she passed away on the 2nd March 2017. We miss her very much.