Our guests love us for our friendliness, our variety of classes, the expertise and professionalism of our instructors, the relaxing ambiance of our spacious, beautiful studios and our easy off street parking. Not to mention, the convenience of booking and checking availability of classes via our smartphone apps or website. Located in the CBD providing a large timetable with over 20 classes every week and a dynamic array of group and one on one sessions,  GPR is now Gympie’s favourite Clinical Pilates Studio. 

We have created a beautiful, caring, air-conditioned, peaceful space where you can escape life’s pressures, where you can be comfortable in just being you.

At GPR, we know how to fine-tune (or overhaul) your posture, muscle balance and movement patterns based on the latest research. If Pilates is your thing, you probably won’t notice the science behind GPR classes, but you’ll instantly notice the increased ease, comfort, strength and general pleasure you experience in your movement. You can reap the benefits of a Pilates Class at our Studio, or simply sit around and enjoy the eclectic selection of music, ever-changing tea blends, and the company of your fellow guests. We will welcome you warmly no matter your size, age or abilities. Pilates is for everyone. At GPR we want to help you to Restore, Repair and Renew your body, mind and spirit



Established in 2013, GPR has grown to become Gympie’s largest, most popular and most highly respected Clinical Pilates Studio.

We’ve created a space where we like to unwind, and we hope you’ll enjoy spending time at GPR as much as we do. In mid 2015 we relocated the business from Perseverance Street (opposite Gympie Central Shopping Centre) to 3 Popes Road Gympie, to provide a more discreet, retreat style environment for our guests.  At the end of 2016 we were on the move again!! This time we moved to 37 Nash Street. We are now located in the heart of Gympie’s CBD, diagonal to Century 21 and directly opposite Coles. At GPR we do our best to make things run smoothly and effortlessly, with computers and systems and such; and we mostly succeed. We try to make the technology invisible, and your experience as smooth, warm and as human as possible. We strive to cultivate a welcoming, homelike, retreat style atmosphere to enhance your Pilates experience – a space for our guests to enjoy a friendly chat with the receptionist, curl up on a couch with a crisp apple and steaming mug of expertly-blended tea, or simply wander around in bare feet.


Located at 37 Nash Street, in the heart of Gympie’s CBD, with plenty of off street parking.  Look for our big blue signs.